“Biographies of Recluses” in the Dainhon-Shi: research notes and a translation

Mikhail Skovoronskikh

Vostok/Oriens '2018, №1

DOI: 10.7868/S0869190818010132

This paper introduces research notes and a translation of Chapter 225 of the Dainihon-shi “Biographies of Recluses.” The paper describes the theoretical and practical dimensions of reclusion in pre-Modern China and the place of reclusion in traditional Chinese historiography, reviews the history of compiling the Dainihon-shi and the peculiarities of its compilers’ take on the historical depiction of reclusion. The paper points out that owing to significant differences between the Japanese and Chinese political systems, the depiction of reclusion in the Dainihon-shi and traditional Chinese historiography also varies. By and large, one may argue that the Dainihon-shi reveals an attempt to force the Confucian traditional paradigm of reclusion on institutions alien to it.

Keywords: Japan, China, reclusion, Dainihon-shi, Confusianism, traditions, institutions

Pages: С. 131–151

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