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  • Some aspects of the diplomatic competition between the Soviet Union and Great Britain in Arabia in the 1920s
  • Hajj Routs from Egypt to Hijaz through the Eastern Desert and port city of Aydhab in the ninth–fifteenth centuries
  • The Nagasaki Harbour Incident (1808) and Marine Defense Concept in Japan
  • Japan, the West, and the problem of cultural reciprocity
  • Liberty, Vanity, Unity: Bengali Traveler Mrs. Krishnabhabini Das on the Nineteenth-century Great Britain
  • Buddhism in Social Thought of the Bengal Renaissance
  • Africa in the plans of the Clement Attlee Government
  • Few words about the translation of “Kamasutra”
  • The meta-logic techniques in Arabic oratorical speech
  • Fictional romance philology code of Canan Tan
  • The Mayotte regionalism and the Comoros federalism
  • Turkey and Lebanon in regional relations at the present stage
  • Labour-saving technologies: Russian Orientalists discuss the future
  • Some aspects of the history of the Tashkent Branch of the State Bank (1875–1917)
  • Problems of women rights in North Korea in the South Korean historiography: state-of-the-art review
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