A Political History of Cambodia in the 6th–7th Centuries: The Funan – Zhenla Transition

Vostok/Oriens '2013, №1

The paper examines the Cambodian inscriptions dated from the fifth – eighth centuries and reconstructs political history of the late kingdom of Funan and the early kingdom of Zhenla. It argues that the first Zhenla king who really subdued the territories of former Funan in the Lower Mekong Delta, was Īśānavarman I. It also supposes that the so-called last king of Funan Rudravarman was incorporated in legendary histories of early Zhenla and Angkor inscriptions as a legendary member or even a founder of the Kauṇḍinya dynasty.

Keywords: Cambodia, Funan, Zhenla, inscriptions, Kaundinya, Bhavavarman, Citrasena-Mahendravarman, Isanavarman

Pages: С. 5–16

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