Regional models of forming agricultural economy (influence of intra-branch and inter-branch agricultural integration)

Vostok/Oriens '2013, №1

The article connects forming the leading types of agricultural economy in the world with the integration processes which were developing both in agricultural sector (agriculture and animal husbandry) and out of it (inter-branch integration of agriculture and the industry). Internal and external circles of integration can be distinguished. Their interrelations are defined by development of the market relations. High level of integration in agricultural sector in historical dynamics led to formation of more effective models of the agriculture which endogenously generated technologies of scientific and technical progress. Low level of integration formed a model of agricultural economy for which scientific and technical progress is an exogenous factor. The paper describes four types of agricultural economy – the West European type; the East European type, labor-intensive economy of East Asia and the type of the economy which has arisen under colonization of territories with free agricultural land. Labor-intensive economy of East Asia followed two paths. One of them created the agrarian overpopulation whereas the second did not.

Keywords: agricultural economy, Oriental states, agrarian overpopulation, integration in agriculture

Pages: С. 129–143

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