Legal Regulation of the Status of Russian Traders in the Emirate of Bukhara and the Khanate of Khiva in the Second Half of the Nineteenth – the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

Roman Pochekaev

Vostok/Oriens '2015, №6

Establishing of the Russian Empire’s protectorate over Bukhara and Khiva stimulated development of Russian trade in Central Asia. Different legal acts provided favorable conditions for Russian traders who became a privileged class in Central Asian khanates. But at the same time inadequate legal base caused different problems in relations of Russian traders with their local partners as well as with authorities. The paper shows the sources of trade law in the Central Asian protectorates of the Russian Empire.

Keywords: Emirate of Bukhara, Khanate of Khiva, Russian Empire, Russian protectorate, merchants, trade relations, legal acts, legal policy in the field of trade

Pages: С. 38–44

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