Turkish-Israeli crisis (2010) in the context of Barack Obama's Middle East strategy

Altunay Alieva

Vostok/Oriens '2016, №4

The article analyzes the causes and consequences of the Turkish-Israeli crisis of 2010 in the context of the Middle East policy during the Obama administration. A brief overview of the key episodes of contemporary Turkish-Israeli relations that directly impacted on U.S. policy in the Middle East is presented. The confrontation of the two Middle Eastern countries has created difficulties for the regional strategy of the Obama administration and has determined relationship of Ankara, Tel Aviv and Washington. Author estimates the U.S. efforts for reconciliation of the two allies. Particular attention is paid to the diplomatic tools and arguments used by Washington. Continuous efforts of the United States proved that two sides are to move closer if there are conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Keywords: USA, Turkey, Israel, Turkish-Israeli relations, American foreign policy, diplomacy, Middle East, Barack Obama, “Mavi Marmara”, ‘Gaza Freedom Flotilla’

Pages: С. 141–150

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