Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))

Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))Journal “Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost'' (Vostok (Oriens))

Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

12 Rozhdestvenka, 107031, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Russian Catalogue Number 70600


Organ of the
Department of History and Philology, Russian Academy of Sciences


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Publisher – Nauka, Russian Academy of Sciences


2013 year's №2

Akimov A. Methods of Analysis of the Long-term Trends of Global Development

Yakovlev A. The Reforms as a Means for the Management of Development

Ayvasyan A. Fashoda Crisis of 1898 and Russian Diplomacy

Kalandarova M. Parsis and Power (the End of the 19th – the Beginning of the 20th Century)

Malyshev E. Army and Military Building-up in Iraq 1968–1988

Kirpichenko V. The Egyptian novel on the eve of “Тhe Revolution of the 25 January” 2011

Rudnikova E. Russian Old Believers in New Zealand

Skubko Y. Some aspects of development of higher education in South Africa

Nikolaeva N. Caucasus and the Near East in the Early Bronze Age

Le Q. Sino-Vietnamese debates about the South China Sea: historical aspects

Chochiev G. Petition of Circassian Notables to the Porte (ca. 1872). The Introd. Article, Transl. from Turk-Ottoman and Comment.

Dosovitskaya V. Japan and Central Asian countries in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: A Historiographic Review

Balezin A. Review of: R.J Reid. Warfare in African History. Cambridge a.o.: Cambridge University Press, 2012. 188 p.

Nosenko-Stein E. Review of: As’ad Ghanem. Ethnic Politics in Israel. The Margins and the Ashkenazi Center. London–New York: Routledge, 2010.

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