Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2017 year

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2017 year's №6

Lapin P. Russian-Chinese school of commercial knowledge in Hankou (1907–1911)

Sarabyev A. Confessional management in colonial issues of Syria and Lebanon in the 1920s

Denisova T. , Okeke O. Nigeria and South Africa: political leadership and the development of bilateral relations

Suvorova A. Pakistani “Mother of the Nation”

Dode Z. ZandanIji silks: a history of the myth

Bakaeva E. On semantics of the traditional women's costume and ornament in the cultures of Oirats and Kalmyks

Kutsenkov P. The history of the city of Djenne (Mali) and the traditional political culture

Tsvetkova N. Asian and African countries: new trends in globalization and labour-saving technologies

Golman M. First thirty years in the Russian-Mongolian relations in the seventeenth century

Semina A. Few remarks on the definition of the qita form in modern Turkish literary criticism

Zakharov A. Vladimir Tyurin. Soviet Orientalism: ideology, policy and the study of Southeast Asia in the USSR: Introduction and Commentaries

Khapizov S. , Shekhmagomedov M. The seventeenth century hagiographic essay “Risala fi hikaya ajiba wakat fi-d-Dagistan fi karyat Irib”

Deich T. , Vertashov Y. Evolution of foreign policies of African nations: new tendencies (2017): Conference Review

Rybalkina I. , Morozov V. Socio-political prerequisites for sustainable developments in Africa (2017): Conference Review

Orlova K. , Grayvoronsky V. The delegation of the Institute of Oriental Studies in the Kalmyk State University (2017)

Obukhova A. Iran after the Presidential elections-2017: Conference review

Petukhova T. , Pechishcheva L. The Seventieth Anniversary of the Indian Independence (2017)

Kobzev A. Review of: Abramenko V.P. Shijing (Kanon poezii): poeticheskii perevod. Moscow: Institute of the Far East, 2015. 398 pp., ill. (in Russian)

Andreeva S. Review of: Iu.V. Chudodeev. Na zemle i v nebe Kitaia: Sovetskie voennye sovetniki i letchiki-dobrovol'tsy v Kitae v period Iapono-kitaiskoi voiny 1937–1945 gg. Moscow, 2017.

Sadykhova A. Review of: A.A. Mokrushina. Perevod s russkogo iazyka na arabskii. Uchebnoe posobie. Saint Petersburg: Izdatel'skii dom Sankt-Peterburgskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta, 2013. 80 pp. ISBN 978-5-288-05411-2

Timokhin D. , Tishin V. Review of: Pilipchuk Ia.V., Sabitov Zh.M. Ocherki etnopoliticheskoi istorii kypchakov. Astana, Gylym, 2015. 248 pp.

Anna Arkad'evna Dolinina (1923–2017)

Georgii Evgen'evich Roshchin (1938–2017)

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