Review of: Abramenko V.P. Shijing (Kanon poezii): poeticheskii perevod. Moscow: Institute of the Far East, 2015. 398 pp., ill. (in Russian)

Vostok/Oriens '2017, №6

DOI: 10.7868/S0869190817060188

The article discusses the still unresolved problems of understanding of ancient Chinese poetry canon “Book/Canon of Poetry/Songs/Odes” (“Shi jing” 詩經) in connection with the new poetic translation by V.P. Abramenko. Also considered are the other translations into Russian (V.P. Vasiliev, A.A. Shtukin, V.B. Mikushevich, L.D. Pozdneeva, L.E. Pomerantseva, M.E. Kravtsova, N.A. Orlova et al.), English (J. Legg, W. Jennings, A. Waley, B. Karlgren, E. Pound, Yáng Xiàn-yì楊憲益, Dài Nǎi-dié 戴乃迭et al.), French (S. Couvreur, M. Granet), Latin (P. Lacharme), German (F. Rückert, V. von Strauss) and modern Chinese (Yuán Méi袁梅, Yuán Yù-àn袁愈荌, Lǚ Huī-wén呂恢文, Yě Mǎng 野莽) languages. For the first time a general overview of all Russian translations of “Shi jing” is given.

Keywords: The Book of Poetry, The Book of Songs, The Book of Odes, Shih King, She King, Shih ching, Shi jing, translation problems of classical Chinese poetry, translation by V.P. Abramenko, translation by A.A. Shtukin, translation by N.A. Orlova, translation by J. Legg, translation by B. Karlgren

Pages: С. 181–200

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