Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2018 year

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2018 year's №6

Ladynin I. Paradoxes of the Idea of Progress and Cultural Memory in Ancient Egypt

Yakubovich I. The development of Anatolian hieroglyphs in the context of Hittite-Luwian bilingualism

Skrypnik E. The Qianling mausoleum and its perception by its contemporaries

Tishin V. , Seregin N. The Institution of Comitatus among the Turks of Inner Asia

Filipau A. The Emirs in Early Bahrite Egypt (1252–1279) and their dynamics

Semyonov I. Chronology and routes of the Arab campaigns in Dagestan during Marwan ibn Muhammad’s viceroyalty in the Caucasus

Shavialiou D. The Balfour Declaration in contemporary political discourse

Kemper M. , Shikhaliev S. The interplay of Qadimism and Jadidism in twentieth-century Dagestan: a longitudinal view on the teaching of Arabic language and Islam

Pugovkina O. Nil Sergeevich Lykoshin: from Samarkand military governor to Soviet professor

Smagina E. The nudity of hermits in monastic literature and its symbolic value

Bitinayte E. M. K. Gandhi’s understanding of his native religion: unique features and universalism in Hinduism

Bondarenko D. Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa in Moscow: social distinctions and life strategies

Streifer B. The Pueblo Incident: Locating the “Hidden” Spy Ship

Kostelyanets S. , Okeke O. Russia and the global competition for Africa: the military dimension

Salitsky A. , Semenova N. , Gemueva K. Chinese expansion: a European view

Trunov P. German-Iranian relations in the military-political sphere at the present stage

Bazarov B. , Rinchinov O. , Garmaev D. Visual representations of the Tibetan Diaspora in India in the Video Archive of the Central University of Tibetan Studies

Chesnokova N. Review of: S.O. Kurbanov. Razmyshleniia ob istoricheskoi nauke i roli lichnosti v istorii (s primerami iz istorii Korei) (Reflections on historical science and the role of individual in history: with examples from Korean history). Saint Petersburg, 2016. 212 pp.

Kuzmin S. Review of: Cultural genocide in Tibet: a report. Dharamsala: The Tibet Policy Institute; The Department of Information and Interna-tional Relations, Central Tibetan Administration (Drafting Committee: T. Samphel, B.D. Sonam, R. Dorjee, T. Desal). S.A., 141 pp.

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