German-Iranian relations in the military-political sphere at the present stage

Philipp Trunov

Vostok/Oriens '2018, №6

DOI: 10.31857/S086919080002879-3

The article explores the cooperation between Germany and Iran two rising powers in the military-political sphere at the present stage. The scientific paper investigates the reasons for Germany's interest in preserving the "nuclear deal" with Iran, which was signed in 2015. In this regard the author explores political, diplomatic and economic steps of German leaders aimed at preservation of the Iranian "nuclear deal". The main threat to the implementation of the six-party agreement (2015) is the withdrawal of Donald Trump`s administration. The article also considers the relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Saudi Arabia, primarily their cooperation on military and political issues, through the prism of the Iranian factor. The article shows that the territory of Saudi Arabia has not been used by the Bundeswehr as a support base for its military missions in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. At the same time, the two countries have emphasized their fruitful bilateral cooperation. The present research pays special attention to the current and perspective German role in the Iranian-Saudi confrontation and the ability of the German side to influence the transformation of the political conflict into an armed one. The paper also pays attention to the compatibility of the German and Iranian approaches to the solution of the “Syrian problem” and to the regulation of the armed conflicts in Iraq and Yemen as important zones of instability for both countries. Based on the outcome of the study, the author draws a conclusion about the importance of Iran as a perspective strategic partner of Germany.

Keywords: Germany, Iran, security, “nuclear deal”, Saudi Arabia, armed conflicts

Pages: С. 211–221

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