The role of jenge (Daughter-in-law) in the bride choosing and the Karakalpak folklore

Bibiraba Bekjanova

Vostok/Oriens '2018, №4

DOI: 10.31857/S086919080000424-3

The article examines the role of jenge “daughter-in-law” in the bride choosing among the Karakalpak. The article analyses their folklore linked with the bride choosing. Among the Karakalpak, the girls of antenuptial age were looked after by a daughter-in-law—the eldest brother`s wife or a close relative. It was her social duty to educate a girl correct behaviour and moral standards of life. In short, the daughter-in-law was a tutor for young girls. She was also responsible for choosing a worthy husband and making her happy. The article also investigates the traditions Kiz-jigitler otirspasi when girls and boys gathered together. This party was headed by a daughter-in-law. Among the party there was jigit aga, juwap aytis, or verbal competition between girls and boys, and kese berip, kese alisiuw, or passing and taking a teacup as a means of social interaction.

Keywords: tradition, folklore, a bride-choosing, daughter in law, youth, girls’ and boys` party, verbal competition

Pages: С. 102–110

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