Kazakhstan: Accelerated Industrial Modernization in Action

Vostok/Oriens '2015, №3

The post-Soviet 1990s in Kazakhstan were characterized by a breakdown of the national economy and by its spontaneous restructuring. In the early 2000s slow and uneven economic rehabilitation started. Oil industry turned a main feature of the economic development. By the end of the first decade of the 2000es the oil industry produced about 20% of Kazakhstan’s GDP. But Kazakhstan’s transitional economy is still much closer to the model of dual resource-based economy with an enclave of export sector than to an integrated diversified system. In 2010 the Kazakhstan Government started a new long-term State program of economic and social modernization “The Kazakhstan way to leadership” under the motto “Diversification of the economy is a key to success”. The first stage of it (2010–2014) is “The State program of Innovation and development” aiming the accelerated industrialization. But for the second stage (2015–2019) the Government will focus on the large projects of transport infrastructure development.

Keywords: enclave, diversification, industrialization, innovations, modernization, economic growth, oil industry, transitional economy, strategy, transport infrastructure

Pages: С. 80–91

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