Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2015 year

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2015 year's №3

Karlova K. The Rite of the Cast of Four Clay Balls in the Context of the Egyptian Ritual Practices

Kolganova G. , Petrova A. , Nickiforov M. The May Flooding of the Amu Darya and Its Special Place in the Culture of Ancient Khorezm Agriculturalists

Kudoyarov V. The System of State Control upon Japanese-Chinese Trade in the Seventeenth–Eighteenth Centuries

Kulikov A. “Chinese Manuscripts” from Father Alexiy Vinogradov’ Archive and an Unfinished Project by Palladius Kafarov

Kuzmin S. , Oyuunchimeg J. The Khövsgöl Rebellion of 1932 in Mongolia

Landa R. Lebanon in the Second World War

Ukhanova E. Alliance security dilemma in post-Cold War U.S.–Japan relations: explaining Japan’s support of U.S. military operations in the Middle East

Alexandrov Y. Kazakhstan: Accelerated Industrial Modernization in Action

Zinkina J. “Pronatalist Culture of Tropical Africa: Fertility and Traditional Economy

Rodin A. New Tendencies in the African Course of Japanese Foreign Policy

Bukharin M. , Tunkina I. Russian Expedition in the Turkestan in the Letters of Sergey B. Dudin to Sergey F. Oldenburg from the Collection of the Archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg Branch).

Gasuns M. History of the “Usual” Nāgarī Typeface

Khisamutdinov A. The Future of Oriental Studies depends on its Past: A Vladivostok Viewpoint

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