The Strategies of Philosophical Thought in Deconstruction and Mādhyamika-Prāsaṅgika

Svetlana Malkina

Vostok/Oriens '2015, №2

The author carries out the comparative study of philosophical strategies of contemporary deconstruction and the school of Buddhist philosophy Mādhyamika-prāsaṅgika. The author reveals the similarities and differences in the positions of Jacques Derrida and Nagarjuna as the most important figures in these schools of philosophy. The strategic critique of language, the strategy of dismantling binary oppositions, the strategy of philosophical negativism and avoidance of positive assertions, and the strategy of auto-deconstruction are distinguished as general approaches. The paper also reveals differences of these two philosophies.

Keywords: deconstruction, Buddhist philosophy, ontology, mādhyamika-prāsaṅgika, Derrida, Nagarjuna

Pages: С. 70–78

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