Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2015 year

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2015 year's №2

Fursov K. Decolonization of the Afro-Asian World: Prerequisites, Stages and Models

Malykh S. White Colour Symbolism in Funeral Rites of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom

Rybakov V. Tang Laws Causing Property Damage

Tishin V. A Note on the Character of Ancient Turkic Community in the sixth–eighth Centuries

Guryan N. Early Chinese Thesauruses 釋名 Shiming and 爾雅 Erya: A Comparison

Malkina S. The Strategies of Philosophical Thought in Deconstruction and Mādhyamika-Prāsaṅgika

Kareva O. Biblical-Quranic Discourse in Ihsan Oktay Anar’s novel “The Silent”

Korotayev A. , Isaev L. , Rudenko M. Formation of the Afrasian Zone of Instability

Drugov A. Indonesia: Elections 2014

Salitsky A. China: from Practice to Theories

Borisova E. . Transboundary Rivers in China's Policy

Kaimova A. The politics of Taiwan’s “Sinicization” and the Formation of Taiwanese Identity

Kantorovich A. Main Tendencies in the Post-Soviet Historiography of the East European Scythian Animal Style Art

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