Formation of the Afrasian Zone of Instability

Andrey Korotayev , Leonid Isaev , Maria Rudenko

Vostok/Oriens '2015, №2

Russian scholar Konstantin Truevtsev in his paper “Arab Spring: what next?” has identified five major areas of instability in the world which can be designated as the Central Asian (including Afghanistan and Pakistan), Middle Eastern, North African, Sahel, and Pacific region. The last area clearly stands out from the general list, extending only along the borders of the Chinese People’s Republic and being rather a consequence of the Chinese foreign policy priorities and ambitions. As for the other regions, they collectively constitute the Afrasian macrozone of instability.

Keywords: political instability, Asia and Africa, Islam, female labor force, Arab Caliphate, cross-cousin marriage, Afrasian zone

Pages: С. 88–99

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