Indonesia: Elections 2014

Vostok/Oriens '2015, №2

The article deals with the two electoral campaigns in Indonesia in 2014. Indonesians were electing their parliament (April, 9) and the new president (July, 9). The results of the first one showed that Indonesian society and its political elite are even more fragmented than it was five years before. Presidential race was very tough, while coalitions of the parties were more based on the striving for the posts in future cabinet than on common program grounds. The voting showed that majority of voters wanted their country to be led by a new person connected neither with authoritarian past nor with corrupted elite. The new President who has no strong support in the Parliament will face substantial difficulties in solving the problems faced by the nation. He has also to form relations with Indonesian military which in fact has not abandoned yet its claims for political autonomy.

Keywords: Indonesia, elections, President, elite, parties, coalitions, programs, candidates

Pages: С. 100–110

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