“Overseer of the wab-priests of Sokhmet” Somtutefnakht: A “Collaborationist” or a Victim of Deportation?

Ivan Ladynin

Vostok/Oriens '2014, №1

The article analyzes the evidence of the so-called Stele of Naples (Naples, Museo Archeologico Nazionale Inv. 1035) – an autobiography of an Egyptian nobleman of Herakleopolitan origin Somtutefnakht who happened to be inside the Achaemenian empire on the eve of the Macedonian conquest. A hypothesis is forwarded that he was deported from Egypt after the second Persian conquest of 343 B.C. inside a corporation of the priests of Sokhmet who were also professional physicians.

Keywords: Somtutefnakht, the Stele of Naples, autobiography, priest, physician, Sokhmet, deportation, the Achaemenids, Alexander the Great, Egypt, Herakleopolis, Iran

Pages: С. 18–28

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