Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2014 year

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2014 year's №1

Dmitriev S. , Kuzmin S. The Qing Empire as China: an Anatomy of Historical Myth

Ladynin I. “Overseer of the wab-priests of Sokhmet” Somtutefnakht: A “Collaborationist” or a Victim of Deportation?

Nikolskaya K. Blame of Theft in Ancient India: Some Notes on the Ties of Property and Proprietor

Krol A. Floating on Mercury in the Moonlight: “Birkat az-Zi’baq” in the Palace of Khumārawaīh in al-Qaṭā᾿i‛

Landa R. Islamism and the “Arab Political Spring”

Drugov A. Indonesia – the Experience of Transformation

Sabirov R. The arrest of the former president N. Enkhbayar and atypical democracy in Mongolia

Frangulian L. Ancient Egyptian Rudiments in Coptic Literature

Frolova E. Some Aspects of Describing Language Situation in the Philippines

Akimov A. , Yakovlev A. Civilization – a useful tool of social analysis

Vorobyova S. Medieval Turkish Ashik Poetry: Practice of Composing and Performance

Klipka K. Chinese Reconnoitering in Tomsk Guberniya

Kirillova A. Several Problems Concerning Finding Equivalents on Topic-comment Basis in the Sphere of Literary Translation from Japanese into Russian

Tsvetkova N. Globalization and the Countries of the East: the Social and Socio-political Aspects of Materials from Foreign Literature

Belokrenitsky V. Review of: Taimur Rahman. The Class Structure of Pakistan. Karachi: Oxford University Press, 2012, 302 p.

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