The arrest of the former president N. Enkhbayar and atypical democracy in Mongolia

Rustam Sabirov

Vostok/Oriens '2014, №1

The arrest of former President of Mongolia N. Enkhbayar in 2012, on the eve of parliamentary elections, galvanized the country and became one of the main events in the political life of Mongolia. Evaluation of the event was divided. Some see it as a shining example of the fight against corruption, indicating that Mongolia is on track for democratic development. Others believe that the country is sliding into authoritarianism. The author shows that Mongolia which became in the last twenty years successful and probably the only example of successful democratization in the post-socialist space in Asia is at risk. The orientation on the production and sale of mineral resources, the pressure of the neighboring countries and the interests of multinational companies may lead to aggravation of the political struggle, the more corruption, and degradation of the state apparatus, which may result in the advent of the authoritarian leader and change the trajectory of political development in Mongolia.

Keywords: Mongolia, democracy, democratization, Enkhbayar, resources, politics, authoritarianism

Pages: С. 79–89

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