Some Aspects of Describing Language Situation in the Philippines

Elena Frolova

Vostok/Oriens '2014, №1

The article is devoted to the description of the language situation in the country where dozens of indigenous and several imported languages are used. Besides that the same languages have different functions in different parts of the country. The author uses Victor A. Vinogradov’s, Antonina I. Koval’s and Victor Ya. Pokhomovsky’s methodology of sociolinguistic typology. The regions united by communicative unity can be determined as capital, Luzon, central and southern regions. Then the language situations and their peculiarities in each of the region are described. The regions with indications of likeness were united in sociolinguistic zones (northern and southern) and their types (accordingly shore zone and inner zone) were defined. The author gives the general description of the language situation in the country as a whole.

Keywords: communicative environment, communicative sphere, sociolinguistic zone, language situation, imported languages, indigenous languages

Pages: С. 97–108

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