Several Problems Concerning Finding Equivalents on Topic-comment Basis in the Sphere of Literary Translation from Japanese into Russian

Anna Kirillova

Vostok/Oriens '2014, №1

The article analyses the existence of translation universals for literary translation from the Japanese language into the Russian language for the following topic-comment related structures: thematic particle wa, structure with no da ending, and representative particle nado. I consider the following problems: whether a translator pays special attention to the topic-comment related structures at all, what equivalents exactly s/he uses for adequate Russian translation, if some generalizations can be made about the means of translation for particular structures. I analyze the novel ‘The Makioka Sisters’ (‘Sasameyuki’ in the original) by Junichiro Tanizaki, translated into Russian by Tatiana I. Redko-Dobrovolskaya.

Keywords: literary translation, topic-comment, the Japanese language, the Russian language, translation universals

Pages: С. 130–138

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