Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))

Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))Journal “Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost'' (Vostok (Oriens))

Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

12 Rozhdestvenka, 107031, Moscow, Russian Federation

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Publication frequency: 6 issues per year 

ISSN 0869-1908

Russian Catalogue Number 70600


Organ of the
Department of History and Philology, Russian Academy of Sciences


Indexed by Russian Science Citation Index


Publisher – Nauka, Russian Academy of Sciences


2014 year's №5

Drobyshev Y. “The Tumu Crisis” and Its Heroes in the Light of Sacred Character of Supreme Power

Volovich A. Symbolism of the Frog Image under the Boat Msktt in the New Kingdom

Yakushev M. The Travels of Vassily Veshniakov and Kir Bronnikov to the Holy Land in the First Quarter of the Nineteenth Century

Panin S. Jamshidi: Migration’s Processes in the Russian-Afghan Relations in the First Decades of the Twentieth Century

Chereshneva L. The Failed Visit of the Pakistan Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan to the Soviet Union in 1949

Salitsky A. , Semenova N. Russia and China in Eurasia: Strategic Partnership with Elements of Competition

Kobzev A. “Struggle for Faith and Mosque” as Evidenced by Petitions and Complaints of the Tatar-Muslims from the Ulyanovsk Region during 1940–1980s

Gerasimova M. Notes on the History of Museums in Japan

Krylov A. Phrases as the Reflection of Linguistic and Cultural Characteristics of Arabic and Russian Speech

Smirnova M. Indian Influence on the Formation of Traditional Tibetan Linguistics Grammatical Terminology

Pylypenko V. Transformation of the Soviet-Iranian Relations since the Islamic Revolution

Hodunov A. Demographic Dynamics in Iran (1979–2013)

Davidson A. , Filatova I. Soviet Delegation in South Africa: Reminiscences of the First Eyewitnesses

Mikulsky D. In the Homeland of the Legendary al-Kahina

Komissaruk E. The Ladakhi Language and the History of Its Study

Kadyrov S. , Brusina O. , Scarboro I. Review of: Kaukaz: transformacja, przywodstwa i elit politycznych. T. VI. Kaukaz: mechanizmy legitymizacji i funkcjonowania elit politycznych. T. VII. Redakcja naukowa T. Bodio. Warszawa: Ofi cyna Wydawnicza ASPHA-JR, 2012. S. 351; S. 479 (Seria “Vladza, elity, przywodztwo”)

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