Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))

Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))Journal “Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost'' (Vostok (Oriens))

Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

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Department of History and Philology, Russian Academy of Sciences


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Publisher – Institute of Oriental Studies RAS


2017 year's №3

Valiakhmetova G. The Middle East in Digital Age: Globalization of Threats to Regional Security

Zvyagelskaya I. Conflicts in the Near East: trends and actors

Kuznetsov V. After Postmodernism: Near Eastern dimension of one trend

Yakovlev A. Civilizational dimension of international relations in the Near East in the twenty first century

Pustovoit E. Written documents of the Ryukyu Kingdom of the sixteenth–nineteenth centuries

Stolyarov A. Sources of the history of Bengal and Bihar from the eighth to twelfth centuries

Mahmudova N. The memoirs of Konstantin K. Pahlen “Mission to Turkestan, Being the Memoirs of Count K.K. Pahlen, 1908–1909”

Terentyev V. Correspondence of the Medieval Oirats and modern Western Mongols in historiography

Skorokhodova T. Genesis of Modern Indian Philosophy in the Bengal Renaissance

Kim N. , Khokhlova E. Evolution of the social situation of women in Korea: from traditional to modern society

Bustanov A. , Kemper M. Valiulla Iakupov’s “Traditional Islam”

Skorobogatykh N. Australian society and the Islamic terrorism

Karimov N. Religious policy, radicalism and evolution of Islam in Kazakhstan in the beginning of the twenty first century: theoretical aspects

Meliantsev V. Smart technologies, Solow’s paradox, and contradictions of the world socio-economic developments in the early twenty first century

Panarin S. Transboundary migrations from the East to the West, to Russia and to the East in the past and present: Conference Review

Kamenev S. , Belokrenitsky V. , Mamedova N. , Oreshkova S. , Bo Juyi Conference “Muslim World on the boundaries of Russia”

Kameneva M. Conference "Iran and the West" (2016)

Usova E. A Western or Eastern Nation: the Case of Israel: 32nd Annual Meeting of the Association for Israel Studies, June 20–22, 2016, Jerusalem

Kassae N. Conference "Women associations in Africa as a form of poli-tic-economic and sociocultural self-actualisation" (2016)

Tsvetkova N. Review of: V.A. Isaev, A.O. Filonik. Katar: tri stolpa rosta (sotsial'no-ekonomicheskii ocherk). Moscow: Institut vostokovedeniia RAN, 2015. 320 pp.

Andreeva S. Review of: Liang Zhe. Pravoslavie v kontekste sovremen-nogo rossiisko-kitaiskogo vzaimodeistviia (1949–2015). Moscow, 2016, 252 pp.

Perepelkin L. Review of: T.V. Nosenko. N.A. Semenchenko. Naprasnaia vrazhda. Ocherki sovetsko-izrail'skikh otno-shenii. 1948–1991 gg. Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, 2015. 260 pp., ill.

Zherlitsyna N. Review of: G.M. Sidorova. Afrika. Voina idei i voina liudei v zerkale Demokraticheskoi Respubliki Kongo (iz dnevnika diplomata). Moscow: Nauka; Vos-tochnaya literatura, 2015. 527 pp.

Frolova E. Review of: M.V. Staniukovich and A.K. Kasatkina (eds.) Betel', kava, kola, chat. Zhevatel'nye stimuliatory v rituale i mifologii narodov mira. Maklaevskii sbornik. Issue 5. Saint Petersburg: MAE RAN, 2015. 347 pp.

Skubko Y. Review of: A.B. Davidson. Pis’ma s mysa Dobroy Nadezhdy. Moscow: Higher School of Economiscs, 2017. 357 pp.

Sofia Davidovna Miliband (1922–2017): Obituary

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