Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2018 year

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2018 year's №2

Naumkin V. Some aspects of the diplomatic competition between the Soviet Union and Great Britain in Arabia in the 1920s

Krol A. Hajj Routs from Egypt to Hijaz through the Eastern Desert and port city of Aydhab in the ninth–fifteenth centuries

Kudoyarov V. The Nagasaki Harbour Incident (1808) and Marine Defense Concept in Japan

Skvortsova E. Japan, the West, and the problem of cultural reciprocity

Volgina E. Liberty, Vanity, Unity: Bengali Traveler Mrs. Krishnabhabini Das on the Nineteenth-century Great Britain

Skorokhodova T. Buddhism in Social Thought of the Bengal Renaissance

Khakhalkina E. Africa in the plans of the Clement Attlee Government

Syrkin A. Apropos of the “Kamasutra” translation

Krylov A. The meta-logic techniques in Arabic oratorical speech

Repenkova M. Fictional romance philology code of Canan Tan

Ivanova I. , Turkey and Lebanon in regional relations at the present stage

Turinskaya K. The Mayotte regionalism and the Comoros federalism

Akimov A. Labour-saving technologies: Russian Orientalists discuss the future

Alimdjanov B. Some aspects of the history of the Tashkent Branch of the State Bank (1875–1917)

Zherlitsyna N. Africa and Africans in national, regional, and global dimensions (2017)

Belyakov V. The Fourth Conference “Archival Oriental Studies” (2017)

Lepekhov S. Traditions and Innovations in Central Asia (2017)

Kulikov A. “The Famous Triad of Russian Synology” (2017)

Sharafetdinova A. New achievements and perspectives of the study of Russian-Korean relations (2017)

Kim N. Problems of women rights in North Korea in the South Korean historiography: state-of-the-art review

Zakharov A. Review of: Oleg N. Rozanov. Aziia i Afrika v Pervoi mirovoi voine: istoriia v nagradakh (Asia and Africa in the First World War: A History in Awards and Decorations). Moscow: LK Media – Liubimaia kniga, 2016. 248 pp., ill. (in Russian) ISBN 978-1-932525-57-1

Akimov A. Review of: Victor G. Rastiannikov, Irina V. Deriugina. Sel'skoe khoziaistvo: Vostok vs Zapad. Dva tekhnologicheskikh sposoba proizvodstva (East versus West: Two technological modes of production). Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, 2017. 400 pp. (In Russian)

Vanina E. Review of: S.E. Sidorova. Indiiskii khlopok i britanskii interes. Oveshchestvlennaia politika v kolonial'nuiu epokhu (Indian Cotton and British Interest: Reified Policy in the Colonial Age). Moscow–Saint Petersburg: Nestor – Istoriia, 2016. 352 pp. (in Russian)

Mamedova N. Review of: A.I. Krugov, M.V. Nechitailov. Persidskaia armiia v voinakh s Rossiei. 1796–1828 gg. (Persian Army in the Russian-Persian Wars: 1796–1828). Moscow: Fond “Russkie vitiazi”. Ratnoe delo. 2016. 248 pp., ill. (in Russian)

Masumova N. Review of: M.S. Barabanov & R.N. Pukhov (eds.) Turetskaia voennaia mashina: sila i slabost' (Turkish War Machine: Strength and Weakness). Moscow: Tsentr analiza strategii i tekhnologii, 2017. 216 pp. (in Russian)

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