Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))

Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))Journal “Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost'' (Vostok (Oriens))

Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

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Russian Catalogue Number 70600


Organ of the
Department of History and Philology, Russian Academy of Sciences


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Publisher – Nauka, Russian Academy of Sciences


2014 year's №4

Naumkin V. On the Civilizational Identification and the Crisis of the Nation States

Kolganova G. , Nickiforov M. , Reijs V. Arheoastronomical Study of Ancient Khorezmian Complex Koy-Krylgan-kala

Kogan A. Kashmir and Its Neighbours in the 12th–13th Centuries

Gokov O. The Persian Cossacks Brigade in 1882–1885

Simonov K. German Breakthrough into Afghanistan: An Episode of Military-Diplomatic Confrontation during the First World War

Denisova T. Nigeria: from Maitatsine to Boko Haram

Krivonogov V. Notes on Ethnic, Religious, and Linguistic Composition of the Population of Mauritius

Stejzenskaya L. The Wen Category in Liu Xie’s Work: Textual Aspect of the Literary Problem

Suvorova A. When a Border Becomes the Frontier

Hairova V. Japanese Culture Influence on Ch. Rennie Mackintosh

Meliantsev V. Causes and Factors of Modest Macroeconomic Performance of the Arab/Muslim World

Sadykhov A. Chinese Investments in Africa

Belousova T. Contemporary Development of Higher Education in India Based on “Kerala Model” Example

Zakharov A. Review of: Leonid Alayev, Istoriografiia istorii Indii. M.: Institut vostokovedeniia RAN, 2013. 472 pp.

Sarabyev A. Review of: Mikhail Rodionov, Hanne Schönig. The Hadramawt Documents, 1904–51: Family Life and Social Customs under the Last Sultans. Beirut: Ergon Verlag GmbH, 2011. – Beiruter Texte und Studien, Band 130 / Orient-Institut Beirut. – 351 pp.

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