Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))

Journal «Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost» (Vostok (Oriens))Journal “Vostok. Afro-aziatskie obshchestva: istoriia i sovremennost'' (Vostok (Oriens))

Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

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Russian Catalogue Number 70600


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Department of History and Philology, Russian Academy of Sciences


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Publisher – Institute of Oriental Studies RAS


2018 year's №5

Lapin P. Beijing Foreign Language School Tung Wen Kuan 同文馆 and teaching of the Russian language (1862–1902)

Bobrovnikov V. Dagestan in transnational Sufi Networks: Sheikhs from Kikuni and their shrine in Turkey

Malykh S. Egyptian Motifs in the Ceramic Decoration of Meroe

Orekhov R. The levels of the Nile floods at Snofru’s time and in the second half of the reign of the 12th dynasty as revealed in the Westcar Papyrus

Volovich A. The symbolism of the Frog on the triumphal rod of Ramses II

Pronina Y. The pyramid complex of Pepi I Merire: a historic and cultural essay

Zubova O. About the divinity of the personality of the Dead in the Pyramid Texts

Lebedev M. Pagan burial practices in the medieval necropolis of Abu Erteila (Sudan)

Glushkova I. Janabai: from a House Maid to Goddess: New Trends in Contemporary Hinduism

Tsendina A. Xylographic edition of books in the capital of Northern Mongolia Ikh-Khure in the seventeenth – early twentieth centuries

Tsvetkova N. Asian countries: the digital economy and new technologies

Deryugina I. India’s agriculture and 25 years of economic reform (1991–2016)

Xristoforov V. The Asian dimension of Russian politics in the views of politicians, scholars and diplomats of the early twentieth century (2018)

Dmitriev S. China and the World: traditions and modernity (2018)

Astaf E. Southeast Asia and the South Pacific Region: actual problems of developments in 2017

Tyulina E. George de Roerich Conference 2017

Kassae N. , Krylova N. Africa and the new system of international relations (2017)

Yemelianova G. The UK and US Academic Discourse on Russia and Eurasia: A Critical Enquiry

Sidorova S. Review of: Robert Darnton, Censors at Work: How States Formed Literature: A Russian Translation. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2017, 384 pp.

Gadzhiev A. Review of: I.I. Ivanova. Evoliutsiia blizhnevostochnoi politiki Turetskoi Respubliki (1923–2016) (Evolution of the Near East Politics of Turkey, 1923–2016). Moscow: Aspekt Press, 2017. 424 pp.

Chvyr L. Review of: E.I. Larina, O.B. Naumova. Skvoz' modernizatsiiu. Traditsii v sovremennoi zhizni rossiiskikh kazakhov (Through modernization: traditions in the contemporary life of the Kazakhs). Moscow–Saint Petersburg: Nestor-Istoriia, 2016, 304 pp., ill.

Rubets M. Review of: Bai Juyi. Sto stikhov jue-ju: A Russian translation by N.A. Orlova. Moscow: Institute of Oriental Studies, 2017, 218 pp., ill.

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