Issue of Vostok/Oriens for 2015 year

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2015 year's №4

Trepavlov V. “Ancient Custom” and Royal Investiture: Enthronement of Vassal Rulers in Russia in the Seventeenth – Early Twentieth Centuries

Pronina Y. The Texts of the Pyramid of Pepi I: their Maintenance and Operation in the Space of the Tomb

Abdurasulov U. The Legal and Fiscal Dynamics of Land Tenure in Khorezm (the Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries)

Dudin P. The Administrative and Territorial Structure of Mengjiang State

Sarabyev A. , Antoshin A. Lebanon in the Early 1950s As Viewed by the Russian Anticommunist Emigrants

Strelkov A. The Corpus of the Kālacakra Teaching Basic Texts

Skvortsova E. The Japanese National Culture and the Japanese Identity in the Works of the Philosophers of the Twentieth Century

Suvorova A. Pakistani Nationalism as Expressed in Emblems, Symbols and Metaphors

Zvyagelskaya I. Archaization in the Arab World: After the Revolutions or Instead

Alieva A. USA and Turkey: Strategic Partnership during the Presidency of George W. Bush

Dolgov B. Islam in France: the Moslems and the Secular Republic

Ul'chenko N. The Evolution of the Status of the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic: the Issue of Institutional Maturity of Emerging Markets

Akimov A. Forecast Scenarios for the World Economy up to 2050

Yakovlev A. The East in the Early Twenty First Century: from Overtaking Modernization to Harmonious Modernization

Khudjakov Y. The Participation of Bashkir in the Construction of Forts and Military Actions on the Territory of Western Siberia in the Late Sixteenth–Seventeenth Centuries

Rustemov O. Language Developments of Legal Documents of the Crimean Khanate and Muscovite Russia during the Sixteenth–Seventeenth centuries

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